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Hearing Aid Options

Top-Notch Technology for Your Unique Needs

At Capital Hearing Care, we understand how extensively hearing loss can affect all areas of your life. That’s why we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality hearing aids in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, NM. We offer many hearing aid options in order to provide the best results for your specific needs. We also suggest options that fit your lifestyle, budget, and take the following into consideration:

  • How long you waited to seek help
  • How much hearing you have left (residual hearing)
  • Whether or not your speech discrimination (word recognition ability) has been affected
  • Your overall health
  • How well you adapt to change

Keeping all of this in mind while offering treatment allows our expert to provide you with the best possible solution to your hearing loss. Learn more about our hearing aid options below.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are different hearing aid options that fit various hearing needs. Our expert will help determine which option is best for you during your consultation. Some hearing aid choices include:

Invisible Extended Wear – Invisible hearing aids offer our patients many benefits, including:

  • A custom fit that is virtually invisible
  • 24-hour extended wear
  • Smartphone connectivity

Invisible In Canal (IIC) – IIC hearing instruments are 100% invisible when worn. They sit deep in the ear canal ensuring sound travels quickly and accurately to your eardrum. This 100% invisible hearing aid is designed for daily removal.

  • 100% Invisible when worn
  • Hear clearly, even in noise
  • Custom-sculpted for your ear canal
  • Highest definition of sound quality
  • Designed for daily removal

Completely In Canal (CIC) – CIC micro-technology allows this type of hearing aid to be worn deep inside the ear canal. CICs are so tiny, they are virtually invisible when worn.

  • Cosmetically desirable because they are tiny in size
  • Programmed to have automatic or push-button settings
  • Require good manual dexterity in order to place the hearing aid in the ears

In The Canal (ITC) – ITC hearing aids are smaller than the In-the-Ear style and are also custom made to fit the size and shape of your ear canal.

  • Barely visible in the ear
  • Easy to use with the telephone
  • May not fit well in small ears

In The Ear (ITE) – ITE hearing aids are custom-made and fit comfortably inside the ear.

  • Easy to insert into the ear because of its larger size
  • Easy-to-operate larger features such as volume control
  • Used to help mild to severe hearing loss.

Behind The Ear (BTE) – The BTE style sits behind the ear, while the amplified sound passes down a tube to a customized earmold that fits in your ear.

  • Typically offers more power than a custom-made hearing aid
  • Robust for active wearers
  • Suitable for all degrees of hearing loss
  • Large, easy-to-use hearing aids that are consistently reliable

Over-the-Ear (OTE) – The OTE hearing aid style is similar to the Behind-the-Ear style, but is much smaller and less noticeable. This style holds the electronics in a slim case that hooks over the top of the ear and hides behind the top of the ear, the same place where eyeglasses rest. A clear, narrow tube follows the front of the ear and carries sound to the tiny earbud, which sits unnoticeable in the ear canal.

  • Allows natural sounds to enter the ear canal
  • Can be selected, programmed, and fit in a single visit
  • Discreet and appealing to people with cosmetic concerns
  • Does not require custom molding

Receiver In Canal (RIC) – RIC or Open-Ear hearing aids are the newest design to reduce or eliminate the echo or “plugged up” feeling wearers can sometimes experience (referred to as the occlusion effect). This style is easy to wear and barely noticeable.

  • Fits a large range of hearing loss
  • Offers the greatest flexibility in programming
  • Water-resistant and durable

Protect Your Investment & Continue Hearing Clearly

In addition to providing the most advanced testing and repairs, we strive to use cutting-edge technology to help you maintain your devices. Our office is proud to offer Redux; a tool that functions as a hearing aid dryer to remove moisture and extend the life of your hearing devices. Redux helps to protect your investment and support your hearing clarity.

Every hearing aid has some level of moisture that negatively impacts its functionality. The more moisture and bacteria build up inside your devices, the shorter the lifespan, and the sooner you will have to replace them. Exercise, excessive sweating, and health conditions such as diabetes, and high blood pressure all increase water damage risk. Drying your hearing aids is essential for proper device function, and Redux makes it easy.

To maintain your healthy hearing and keep your devices functioning properly, turn to our experts. We will assess your devices as part of regular servicing and recommend a service schedule to ensure your devices are always working at peak performance.

Contact Our Office for Hearing Aids in Santa Fe & Los Alamos, NM

To experience compassionate hearing care, schedule your Complimentary New Patient Consultation today by calling (505) 772-9300. You may also click here for our convenient online form. Your appointment includes the following:

  • Discuss Your Goals
  • Thorough Hearing Assessment
  • Custom Treatment Plan
  • Start Treatment If Desired

During your appointment, we will take the time to answer all your questions about our hearing aid options, advanced treatments and technology, our flexible payment options, and anything else you may want to know about us!

You made a difference. You are the best hearing specialist I have ever had!—R. Bryant
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  • Discuss Your Goals
  • Thorough Hearing Assessment
  • Custom Treatment Plan
  • Start Treatment If Desired
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